Using Manga translation for deeper understanding in the language classroom

Robert S. Murphy
Saturday, 13 March 2010 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Admittedly, translation may not be the preferred pedagogical method for many non-Japanese EFL teachers. However, this presentation shall explore how translation activities of manga can be effectively implemented in EFL classrooms. Robert S. Murphy shall begin the presentation by discussing the TEFL significances of intercultural understanding and emotion analysis. He will then introduce his framework for measuring translational effectiveness (TRIDENT) and demonstrate the usage of TRIDENT on Matsumoto Leiji's manga. The presentation will end with a fun "hands on" of TRIDENT and an open discussion of the positive aspects of manga translation in the classroom for deeper understanding.

Robert S. Murphy is a doctoral student in Cognitive Development and Applied Lingusitics. He has an MA in TEFL/TESL from the University of Birmingham. He is currently working with WIDE World, Harvard Graduate School of Education and other institutions in bringing neuroscience and psychology closer to SLA research in Japan. He can be reached at m [at]