Developing resources for self-directed learning

Paul Collett, Kristen Sullivan, Malcolm Swanson
Saturday, 11 February 2012 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Helping our students to develop as self-regulated learners able to successfully engage with learning tasks involves helping them to acquire certain skills, strategies and approaches that they can apply both in and out of the classroom. This is important both for contributing to positive academic outcomes, and for building and sustaining motivation. One way to achieve this is to introduce resources that make explicit to students what they are expected to learn in a course, and the processes they can use to facilitate and assess their progress.
Based on their experiences, the presenters will lead participants through the steps involved in developing one such resource. The model to be considered, a study progress guide, incorporates can-do statements to help students and teachers clearly understand curriculum goals and requirements, along with goal-setting and self-reflective processes aimed at building awareness, and encouraging implementation, of (meta-) cognitive knowledge and strategies seen as necessary for self-regulated learning.
After a brief conceptual overview and introduction to the study progress guide, we will work with a text to identify key components that can be transformed into can-do statements, an activity replicable with any classroom material. Consideration will also be given to how other materials and activities can be incorporated into the guide to deal with differing learning situations and learner needs.

Paul Collett has been teaching at the university level in Japan for a number of years. His current research interests relate to the psychology of the language learner and social factors influencing self-regulation.
Kristen Sullivan is a lecturer at Shimonoseki City University and co-writer of Impact Conversation 1 & 2. She is interested in the teaching, learning and assessment of speaking, as well as interactions between language learner identity and language use.

Note this meeting will be held at Wel Tobata, in Room 122. Wel Tobata is located next to JR Tobata station, see the access map (in Japanese) for details.