Equipping Teachers to Incorporate Drama

Covenant Players Drama Company
Saturday, 10 March 2012 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

We will be presenting a Teacher Workshop, equipping teachers to utilize and incorporate drama in the classroom. We base our workshop on our ELCP – English Language Communication Program that we are using in schools for ESL students.

ELCP is based on the concept that creative involvement circumvents inhibitions about speaking a foreign language and allows the free flow of previously studied vocabulary, grammatical structure and correct accent. The greatest barrier to a student's progress in a second language is self-consciousness: inhibitions cause hesitation, shyness and learning blocks in using the language as a spoken communication. A student may be very successful in the written portion of language study and yet be prevented from effective use of the language in listening and speaking because of those inhibitions. Covenant Players' repertoire of plays and exercises are designed to involve the student, so that the use of the language is most important and the awareness of self is minimized.

It should be remembered that the ELCP is a resource for teachers of English, not a substitute for full-time English instruction.