Helpful Hints on How to Get Published in the EFL Market in Japan: Making your Proposal Count--Four Industry Perspectives...the Publisher, Editor, Salesperson, and Author

Todd Jay Leonard
Saturday, 13 May 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

This presentation will outline the current publishing market in Japan for EFL/ESL textbooks by reviewing the various points of views of the publishing industry. The presenter has published extensively within the ESL/EFL market in Japan and will offer helpful advice to budding authors who wish to pursue projects geared to Japan's domestic market and has spoken on this topic at Kitakyushu JALT before. The industry is constantly changing, however, and he offers updated insights into ESL/EFL publishing for budding authors wanting to break into the publishing field.

Most likely, every language teacher in Japan has (at some point during his/her tenure) contemplated writing a textbook to fill a void in the that constant search for the perfect, all encompassing textbook. In today's competitive publishing world, getting the proverbial "foot in the door" can seem daunting and nearly impossible. What are publishers looking for in the current market? What appeals to editors who ultimately decide which titles go to production and which ones do not? What are the salespeople on the front lines hearing from their market base? What must an author do in order to get his/her book published?

This presentation focuses on these very questions, offering inside insights from all the various points of view that must be considered when writing a proposal to publish a textbook--the publisher, the editor, the salesperson, and the author. The presenter will explain the realities within the publishing industry and addresses some common myths associated with EFL publishing.

Todd Jay Leonard has been actively involved in book publishing for nearly thirty years and has published twenty books. He has published books with a number of different Japanese publishing companies and this experience has given him a unique perspective in offering advice to potential authors on what the market is looking for currently and what the publishing industry is searching for in new titles.