neuroELT: Focusing on the Importance of Choosing the Right Levels for Our Students

Ai Murphy
Saturday, 13 January 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

School systems typically push students up the grade levels each year (based on age), assuming the students have mastered what has been taught the previous year. However, research in neuroELT clearly shows us that all students’ learning varies widely; a significant portion of our students should not be forced into the next level simply based on age-based assumptions. In this presentation learn about authentic student voices regarding this “automatic escalator system”. You may be surprised by the young students’ insights! Several practical solutions from neuroELT will be discussed, too.
Ai Murphy teaches children ranging from one to fifteen years of age at the Murphy School of Education. Ai also counsels parents regarding bilingual education and child rearing. Ai has been co-coordinator of 11 NeuroELT conferences in Japan, Philippines, and Macau. She is an officer in the JALT Mind, Brain & Education Special Interest Group.