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The ER SIG participates in or holds 3 regular annual events.

Site proposals 

The ER SIG welcomes proposals for hosting future ER Seminars.
In very general terms, we look for the following things in a site. We would like a venue that is available to us on a Sunday or possibly both Saturday and Sunday, and that includes a dozen or more rooms available for presentations and at least one large meeting hall for plenary sessions and one large room or area suitable for materials exhibitors. It would be nice to have easy access by public transportation, hotels in the area, a good location for a reception there or nearby, and internet connectivity for presenters and participants. We need a site chair who is at the hosting institution and if there are two or more other local people willing to take on roles on the seminar committee it may help with smoothly planning and running the event.
If you are potentially interested in hosting the seminar, please contact er(at)jalt(dot)org for more information.

The JALT Pan-SIG Conference 

The ER Colloquium at JALT International Format: Forum Language: English