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"Constructive Communication Across Gender and Cultures" Mini-Conference

Date and Time: 
Friday, 29 September 2017 - 6:00pm - Saturday, 30 September 2017 - 5:00pm
Diane Nagatomo, Joseph Shaules, Melodie Cook, Eucharia Donnery, Maria Gabriela Schmidt, Jane Nakagawa, Donna Fujimoto, Avril Haye-Matsui, Yoshi Joanna Grote, Gregg McNabb, Sue Sullivan, Jon Dujmovich

“Educating for Social Good” Mini-conference and Retreat Series

As part of the JALT Shizuoka chapter rejuvenation, an annual mini-conference and retreat to be held each September has been planned, with “Educating for Social Good” as the ongoing and overarching theme of the event. The theme is focused enough to apply to our chapter membership of language teachers, yet broad enough to be attractive to social workers, business people, and other educators alike. Within this theme there is a full spectrum of issues that can be explored, and numerous groups, NGOs, NPOs, etc. that the chapter can potentially collaborate with.
Exchanging knowledge and ideas with others that have similar goals or challenges, especially those from outside our given field of language teaching, provides an excellent opportunity to view issues from multiple perspectives. Perhaps collaboration can even spur ideas that lead to real interdisciplinary initiatives or movements in society. Bringing together groups with a similar interest to participate and share knowledge and skills in an experiential learning environment is a key ingredient towards building true understanding.
This mini-conference and retreat series is to be held at various locations throughout Shizuoka prefecture; this year in Shizuoka city, and with Kansanji, Hamamatsu selected as the 2018 location under the sub-theme of “Connecting Families and Communities”.

“Constructive Communication Across Gender and Cultures” (2017)

The initial theme chosen hopes to address and bring together social issues surrounding gender and culture. It is evident that as much as we have in common as humans there remain chasms in many of our approaches to life. Focusing on the dimensions of gender and culture, this mini-conference will provide opportunity for academics, professionals, and the general public, to discuss and explore several issues surrounding them. The mini-conference format will feature experiential learning sessions and include workshops, presentations, discussion groups, focus groups, and digital posters. For this inaugural event, the aim of the chapter is to provide a safe and educationally stimulating environment for constructive communication about gender and culture.

Kyoiku Kaikan (B1)
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JALT, JII, SIETAR members ¥4000 - one day ¥3000
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Non members ¥5000
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