“Once upon a time…” Folktale in Extensive Reading class

Gifu Chapter

Date and Time: 
Saturday, 16 April 2016 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Anna Loseva (Rikkyo University)

Probably few teenagers and even fewer grown-ups return to reading folk tales past their childhood age, yet folklore in many cultures offers a simple way of learning about the world. Reading such a story may surprise or disappoint you, but it will never leave you indifferent. The main objectives of this session are to engage the audience in a folk story, create a space for an exchange of emotions and opinions that any story naturally brings about, and provide ideas for integrating folklore in an English reading class. The presenter will start by reading a folktale from her own native culture in English translation and give the participants the opportunity to connect with the text on their own during discussion time. After that, the participants will learn details about the structure of the ER course in a high school in Tokyo, as well as ideas that the presenter got from students’ thoughtful feedback. In the second part of the session the participants will be invited to read more folklore, from different countries around the world this time. Finally, the audience will work in groups to brainstorm ways that teachers can engage learners with such reading material in an extensive reading class.

JR Gifu Station, Heartful Square 2F
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1,000 yen

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