Chapter & SIG Constitutions

The constitutions listed below have been ratified by the members of the respective group and accepted by the JALT Executive Board. They are available for downloading.



Akita Chapter 2011-10-29.pdf186.78 KB
B-SIG 2011-05-21.pdf244.91 KB
CALL SIG 2011-11-19.pdf244.35 KB
CT SIG 2012-05-18.pdf75.11 KB
CUE SIG 2011-11-19.pdf215.55 KB
East Shikoku Chapter 2011-10-22.pdf194.11 KB
ER SIG 2011-11-19.pdf74.66 KB
FLP SIG 2011-12-09.pdf228.43 KB
Fukui Chapter 2011-11-13.pdf185.19 KB
Fukuoka Chapter 2012-5-11.pdf199.36 KB
GALE SIG 2011-11-17.pdf251.68 KB
Gifu Chapter 2011-05-21.pdf191.24 KB
GILE SIG 2011-11-19.pdf301.92 KB
Gunma Chapter 2009-06-28.pdf158.46 KB
Hiroshima Chapter 2011-10-23.pdf189.79 KB
Hokkaido Chapter 2010-09-26.pdf194.82 KB
Ibaraki Chapter 2011-10-09.pdf187.12 KB
Iwate Chapter 2012-1-22.pdf189.13 KB
JSL SIG 2011-05-21.pdf178.33 KB
Kitakyushi Chapter 2010-10-09.pdf173.7 KB
Kobe Chapter 2011-11-12.pdf197.5 KB
Kyoto Chapter 2011-10-30.pdf184.12 KB
LD SIG 2011-11-20.pdf70.82 KB
LILT SIG 2011-05-18.pdf74.82 KB
LLL SIG 2011-11-19.pdf174.55 KB
Matsuyama Chapter 2012-01-08.pdf78.4 KB
MW SIG 2011-11-19.pdf212.14 KB
Nagoya Chapter 2011-12-18.pdf200.58 KB
Nara Chapter 2011-10-23.pdf80.57 KB
Niigata Chapter 2011-05-08.pdf74.87 KB
Oita Chapter 2011-11-12.pdf186.13 KB
Okayama Chapter 2011-11-13.pdf187.73 KB
Okinawa Chapter 2011-05-20.pdf184.5 KB
OLE SIG 2011-11-19.pdf196.52 KB
Omiya Chapter 2010-09-12.pdf203.57 KB
Osaka Chapter 2012-06-22.pdf77.16 KB
Pragmatics SIG 2011-05-21.pdf293.29 KB
SA SIG 2011-11-19.pdf237.01 KB
SDD SIG 2011-11-19.pdf76.7 KB
Sendai Chapter 2010-10-31.pdf82.89 KB
Shinshu Chapter 2011-10-01.pdf208.94 KB
Shizuoka Chapter 2011-12-11.pdf183.53 KB
TBL SIG 2011-11-19.pdf75.6 KB
TED SIG 2011-11-20.pdf219.66 KB
TEVAL SIG 2011-11-19.pdf178.53 KB
THT SIG 2012-01-09.pdf231.81 KB
Tokyo Chapter 2011-03-10.pdf194.39 KB
Toyohashi Chapter 2011-10-23.pdf188.49 KB
Vocabulary SIG 2012-10-13.pdf73.99 KB
West Tokyo Chapter 2012-01-14.pdf195.04 KB
Yamagata Chapter 2011-11-12.pdf190.21 KB
Yokohama Chapter 2010-10-17.pdf185.32 KB

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