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TOLd You So!

Volume 1, Issue 1 [January, 2005]

Message from the LLL SIG Coordinator, Emi Itoi

Let's celebrate the release of the first issue of the LLL newsletter!

LLL-SIG was born this summer with a mission to study language teaching to older learners who are rich in experiences. Unfortunately it seems that many people view aging as a totally negative process. I am not an exception. I often get shocked to find that my physical strength is not as it used to be, and sigh, looking in the mirror, over my white hairs and wrinkles on my face. But now I believe that growing older can be rewarding and enjoyable. Throughout my life, I've met hundreds of wonderful people and I could develop friendships with many of them. Now I don't get upset easily in any circumstance because, I think, I've accumulated knowledge of the world and widened my experiences of life (but I got a little upset when I was nominated as LLL-SIG coordinator in Nara). LLL-SIG fellow members, how have you been dealing with your own aging? As we all grow older, LLL-SIG and the LLL newsletter also grow older. We are destined to develop, not to stand still in the same place. The New Year, 2005, is around the corner. The time has come for us to take a bold leap forward. With your help and active participation, I wish to make our LLL newsletter more substantial in the future. At last, I would like to express my gratitude to the LLL officers who devoted their energies to releasing this newsletter.

Thank you.

LLL-SIG コーディネーター 糸井江美