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The LLL SIG Newsletter

Volume 5, Issue 2 [August, 2009]

An afternoon in Ueno Park (Part 8)
Tadashi Ishida

This is the eighth in a series of articles in which Tadashi Ishida, an English teacher at a community center in Taito Ward in Tokyo, describes a language-learning activity that he conducted with his class. After considerable research and preparation, the learners toured Ueno Park with a foreign visitor, Mrs. Fitzwater, explaining to her the highlights of the park and answering her questions. After the tour, the learners wrote their own combination text and guidebook based on this experience.

Next, we came to Tokyo National Museum. Mrs. Machida (M) told Mrs. Fitzwater (F) about it..

M: The name of that building on the left is Hyokeikan. It was built in 1908 in the Renaissance style.
F: I see.

M: The name of that building on the right is Toyokan. It has painting and calligraphy of Asia.
F: I see.

M: The name of that building in front of you is Tokyo National Museum. It was built in 1937 in an Oriental style.
F: I see.

M: There are about 84,000 exhibits there including:
  (1) painting and calligraphy of ancient and medieval Japan and modern Japan;
  (2) sculptures;
  (3) ceramics;
  (4) metal work and swords;
  (5) wood and bamboo work, lacquer art and
  (6) textiles.

Then Mrs. Fitzwater asked Mrs. Machida some questions.

F: Have you visited the museum?
M: Yes, I have.
F: Are most of the things in it very old?
M: Yes, they are.
F: What do you like best in the museum? What kind of things?
M: I like the bamboo things.
F: The bamboo things? That's interesting.