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The LLL SIG Newsletter

Volume 8, Issue 2 [November, 2012]


A growing number of adults of all ages are engaged in second language study. The Lifelong Language Learning Special Interest Group (LLL SIG) invites those teaching languages to young, middle-aged, and older adults to share information through our website and newsletter, at various SIG conferences and events, and at the JALT National Conference.

Table of Contents

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  • Coordinatorfs Message
    Tadashi Ishida

  • Message from Program Chair
    Joseph Dias

  • English Rakugo Presentations in 2012
    Tatsuya Sudo

  • Facilitating Online Language Training for Mature Learners - Part 1
    Don Maybin

  • An Afternoon in Ueno Park (Part 17)
    Tadashi Ishida

  • Message from the Publications Chair
    Kazuko Unosawa

  • Call for Submissions
    The Editors

  • @
    Officers and Contacts
    SIG Coordinator: Tadashi Ishida - papion_tadashi@nifty.com
    Membership Chair: Yoko Wakui - ywakui@bu.iij4u.or.jp
    Treasurer: Junko Fujio
    Program Chair: Joseph Dias
    Publications: Kazuko Unosawa - k-unosawa@msa.biglobe.ne.jp
    Webmaster: Malcolm Prentice - lllweb@alba-english.com
    * Please feel free to contact us!
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