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People's Educational and Cultural Exchange (PEACE)

People's Educational and Cultural Exchange (PEACE) is a social educational organization established by Tadashi Ishida (of the LLL-SIG) and his students in January 2010, and authorized by the Board of Education of Taito Ward in Tokyo.

The aims of PEACE are to promote international understanding and intercultural communication through the medium of English. PEACE brings together people from all over the world for intercultural workshops, social events, and interpersonal exchanges. We believe that attempting to gain a better appreciation of the cultures and customs of different countries will contribute to world peace.

We host both regular and special events free of charge for non-Japanese guests to help them gain a better appreciation of Japanese cultures and customs. We also host programs, such as Country Presentations, in order to help Japanese people gain a better appreciation of other cultures and customs.

For further details about upcoming events, please see our website:


If you have any questions about PEACE or its events, or if you would like to participate in an event, please send an email to