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Adult Ed Bibliography

The best bibliography of adult education in the United States is this National Louis University site. Divided by topic, some sources are even annotated. Also check out "Insights" athttp://www3.nl.edu/academics/cas/ace/casinsights.cfm and their "Adult Educators You Should Know" section athttp://www3.nl.edu/academics/cas/ace/adulteducators.cfm

Adult Education Research Conference (AERC)

The major research conference in the field, now in its 48th year.

Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education

Curtis Kelly’s Site

This Web site features a number of articles by Curtis Kelly, a number of them related to lifelong language learning and teaching older learners.

Dottie Dotlish Tweets and Music Site

"Dottie Dotlish" (a fictional character) makes short comments about her daily life and supplies bits of advice and encouragement for language learners, all in relatively simple English, on Twitter and Facebook (mostly the same content). She is also a DJ at BLIP.fm, where she plays mostly classic pop songs from the 1930s to 1950s, with links to their lyrics. Such songs may be especially attractive to older learners.

Encyclopedia of Informal Education (Informal Education homepage)

The encyclopedia of informal education has over 300 articles that explore key ideas, thinkers and practices within informal education and lifelong learning. Very user friendly.

Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) MEXT English Web site

This Web site provides access to MEXT policies and news, including those related to lifelong learning in Japan.

SCUTREA(Standing Committee on the Research in the Education of Adults)

The British equivalent of the AERC. The proceedings are online, along with proceedings from various other educational research conferences in the UK. Access to research is at http://www.leeds.ac.uk/educol/ Takes a little time to figure out the search process, but worth the effort.

University of Bamberg (Germany) Adult Education Site

Best source for information on international adult education. REALLY useful if you can read German, but still pretty good if you can only read English.


Senior English Blog

This Japanese blog, managed by Mr. Tadashi Ishida, contains comments from his older learners of English about their methods of study.