Associate Members

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AM Name Website
Atama-ii Books

Banner Japan

BookSmart Inc.

BTB Press

Cambridge University Press Japan

CHIeru Co., Ltd.

CIEE Japan

Compass Publishing

Cornelsen Schulverlage GmbH

EFL Press

Eigo Live, LLC

EnglishCentral, KK

Global Stories Press


Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC)

Intercom Press, Inc.

Macmillan LanguageHouse

Macquarie University, Sydney

McLellan International

Nan'un-do Publishing Co., Ltd.

National Geographic Learning | Cengage Learning K.K.

Nellie's Ltd.

Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc.

Oxford University Press

Pearson Japan K.K.

Prontest Inc.

Scholastic Inc.

Seed Learning K.K.

SEIBIDO Publishing Co., Ltd.

Temple University Japan

U.S. Embassy, Tokyo

University of Birmingham

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