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Explorations in Teacher Education is the TED SIG's journal of research and reflective practice. TED SIG members receive this publication by email. The most recent issue is only available to current members. Past issues are available here.

Submission Guidelines: The Teacher Education & Development SIG welcomes submissions for its publication, Explorations in Teacher Education, that address aspects related to the SIG's core mission of expanding and exploring issues in teacher education.

Submissions must conform to the Guidelines of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition (APA, 6). Manuscripts should be prepared using either MS-Word or as a text document. Graphs and figures should be sent as PDFs in separate files. Manuscripts must be submitted by email to: Scott Matsuo or Amanda Yoshida (jalt.ted.ete.editor # - replace the # sign)

  • Please use the subject line: TED ETE submission: Author Name Replace “Author Name” with the name of the contact author.
  • The body of the e-mail should include the names of all authors and a contact address (for email and postal mailing).


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