JALT2021 Q&A for Associate Members (sent on October 25)

Dear Associate Members,

This document was created to share with you the questions we have received from fellow JALT Associate Members concerning the EME and Advertising opportunities. If there are more questions, we will add them as they come in. 


Please check the following link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kjxzz7dBLfGVVdZFuFFz_tjecLyDUsxe7FTEQL5S03s/edit

Below you will find a copy of the questions and answers we have received to date, but for the most up-to-date information after today, please refer to the link above.

JALT2021 Q&A  for Associate Members 

October 25, 2021

This document was created to share with you the questions we have received from fellow JALT Associate Members concerning the EME and Advertising opportunities.

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Miho Tajima (am@jalt.org) or Susan Meiki (business@jalt.org )

Thank you for your continued support of JALT.

Concerning the EME:

  1. What times will the EME be open?

The core of the presentations will be from approximately 9~6, Friday~Monday, November 12~15. The EME itself can be accessed 24 hours a day. Though there may be updates in the middle of the night.

  1. What is the shape of the widget icon required from the AM?

The widgets will appear as square icons, much like the icons for apps on your smartphone. As such, simple square images would work best. 

  1. Are your presentation slots linked to participation in the EME?

No. You have those regardless.

  1. What time will the exhibition be in session?

Core times for presentations / Workshops are from 9~6 during Friday~Monday, November 12~15. 

  1.  Is there a core time when there must be one person in the booth during this time?

 This is up to you. Usually just before and after your JALT presentation are good times to open your Zoom room. You can direct people attending your presentation to your zoom room.

  1.  Is there any way to guide the teachers to each exhibitor?

There are many ways to direct traffic to the EME this year. Drop down menu with your personalized company name, EME button on the front page, Widgets with direct access to your EME booth will be on the live page and home page (a red mark will appear when you notify the site that your Zoom room is open).

  1. How are the AM pages connected to the JALT main page if we decide not to choose the pull down paid option?

There will be an EME access button on the main page. See the demo edzil.la site: https://demo.edzil.la/

 Also, "Widgets" will appear on the Live page and Schedule page during the conference for access to the AM EME site booth.

  1. Can I add an option to click on an image and take the person to our company website?

One thing the platform designer can add is an option to click the image to go to an external page. Then that image can suggest people to click, and the custom page can be made on the sponsor's own website.

Advertising in the conference handbook:

  1. Will the handbook be downloadable?

Yes, it will be downloadable.

  1. Will it be a simple PDF or presented online in flipbook format?

A regular PDF.

  1. Can an advert have active hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks can be embedded in the advertisement PDF.

Concerning the video advertising to be shown before the plenary:

  1. Is there a limit on the number of AMs who can show a video before a plenary? For example, is it just one AM on a first come basis or can many AMs show a video?

One AM and one video (less than a minute) to be shown before each plenary.

  1. Is there a limit on the number of plenaries for which we can show a video?

No limit, we have 6 slots open (as of 10/25, there are 3 slots open)

  1. Is there a limit on the number of videos from a single AM before a plenary? For example could we show more than one video before a plenary?

You have up to 1 minute. You can put as much information as you want.

  1. Will the videos be played directly before the start of the plenary, and if not, how much in advance?

We plan to play it at the start of the plenary.

  1. Will they be shown once or looped?


Uploading content to your individual Booth at the EME

  1. How editable is the page design? 

Basically the layout is predetermined, you are adding content to specific areas in your booth

  1. Can images and text blocks be moved to different positions on the page?

No, areas are predetermined blocks.

  1.  Can the background color be changed?


  1.  Also, how soon after confirming receipt of registration form will we have access to the pages in order to start editing?

We plan to open the EME site for uploading content after the person responsible for uploading content has signed in to the edzil.la and joined the JALT2021 site. The person’s name and email must be sent to Miho Tajima (am@jalt.org) and she will then set up the AM page in the EME. Once that is done, you can then upload content to your page. 

  1. What are the material guidelines that should be provided here ?
    The material guidelines are provided inside the upload area itself. If an image is too large, for example, the feedback will be instant. In essentially all cases what you need to do is self-evident through the video example. For example, the image in the top right is a landscape image so you just need to supply a landscape image (width > height). The exact size doesn’t matter but if, say, you try to upload a 10MB png file, the system will give you feedback: “the maximum image size is ….” Since you’ll be able to see the page as soon as you make changes. You can try different images and text until the page looks right to you.



The only requirement is that the image size is less than 1MB and the width is bigger than the height.

Here is a link about how you can edit the sponsor pages on the Edzil.la site for JALT2021. 

Susan Meiki, Business Manager
Miho Tajima, Associate Member Liaison