JALT2022 AM Meeting Video, EME Booth Numbers (FINAL), Useful Information around the Venue (sent on Oct 20, 2022)

Dear Associate Members, ビジネス会員の皆さまへ
Thank you very much for participating in the AM meeting yesterday. Here is the link to the recorded meeting:

JALT2022 EME Booth Numbers (FINAL) 
Below is the booth numbers in the exhibition hall. The number on the left is your confirmed booth number. When you send your package to the exhibition hall, please clearly indicate this number on the 送り状. If you are sending more than one parcel, please indicate on the 送り状 how many parcels you are sending as a whole. e.g. 1 of 5, 2 of 5....or 1/5, 2/5....

As we mentioned earlier, if you are requesting Yamato Transport to pick up your package on the last day, please let us know by October 28th approximately how many pieces you will be sending in order for us to arrange for the pickup personnel. If you are using a service other than Yamato Transport, please disregard this request.

展示会場のそれぞれのブース番号をお知らせします。左側の番号が貴社の確定したブース番号です。展示会場に荷物を送るときは、この番号を送り状に明記してください。なお、荷物が複数になるときは、送り状に全体で何個口かわかるように表示してください。例: 1/5, 2/5....




確定ブース番号 旧番号 団体名
3 3,4,16-21 Tryalogue Education Co., Ltd.
4 5 EdulinX Corporation
6 7 Nan'un-do Publishing Co., Ltd.
7 8,9 Abax, Ltd.
8 10 Atama-ii Books
9 11-14 National Geographic Learning |Cengage Learning K.K.
10 15 U.S. Embassy, Tokyo
11 22-27 IELTS
12 28 Temple University Japan Campus
13 29 Poodll Co., Ltd.
14 30 ZenGengo Pte Ltd.
15 31 ETS Japan
16 32,33 Seibido Publishing Co., Ltd.
17 34-41 Cambridge University Press Japan
18 42-49 Oxford University Press
19 50-55 englishbooks.jp
20 56,57,59,60 Shane Corporation Ltd.
21 58,61,62,65 Pearson Japan K.K.
22 63 Japan Center for Michigan Universities
23 64 Intercom Press, Inc.
24 66 University of Sunderland
25 67 AAS Press Co., Ltd.
32 74,75 EnglishCentral Japan K.K.
34 77-80 Kinseido Publishing Co., Ltd.
36 82,83 McGraw Hill Education
38 85 Tanuki Games
Other Useful Information around the Venue 会場周辺のご案内
1. Fukuoka plus advertisement. AT the bottom of the web page there is a list of  places to get discounts for being an attendee at JALT2022. Show your conference badge to get the discount.
2. Another local ad about the JALT2022 conference
3. Parking at the venue:

Parking is 100 yen / 20 minutes with a maximum of 1,000 yen / during the day(8:00〜22:00) and an additional 1,000 yen overnight (22:00~8:00).