JALT2022: Official Company Logo, Additional Booth Equipment Orders, and Final Information on Conference Registration (sent on Oct 24, 2022)

Dear Associate Members, ビジネス会員の皆さまへ
Official Logo for Ceremony Slideshow (by Oct. 28) スライドショー用のロゴをお送りください(10月28日締め切り)

As a special thank you to our sponsors, we present a slideshow showcasing your official logos prior to plenary speakers' presentations. If your company has a new logo, and especially if you have joined JALT for the first time this year, please send us the image data by Friday, October 28 by email attachment.

Additional Booth Equipment (by Oct. 28) ブース備品の追加注文(10月28日締め切り)
Each exhibit booth comes with one desk and two chairs free of charge. If you would like to order additional equipment, please let us know by Friday, October 28. The cost is ¥2500 per desk and ¥600 for a chair.
ブース費用には机1台と椅子が2脚含まれています。備品の追加注文をご希望の方は、 10月28日(金)までにメールでお知らせください。机は1台2500円、椅子は1脚600円になります。

Final Registration Announcement 大会登録に関する最終のご案内
In order to enter the venue, you need your name badge. If you have not registered for the conference, please email us the following information ASAP.


JALT2022 Conference Registration 大会登録方法

Each membership category allows a different number of people to participate in the conference for free for all days. Presenting (4 people), Displaying (3), Supporting and Sampler (2). As for the number of display-only personnel, Presenting and Displaying members can have an unlimited number of personnel, whereas Supporting and Sampler, two only. Please complete the following information in an email and return it to this email address <am@jalt.org> ASAP.




1.       Name of the organization to appear in publicity materials

2.       Contact name

3.       Contact email

4.       Contact phone (mobile)

5.       Names of fee exempted representatives, as per membership contract

Your organization name is printed on their conference badges. If reps prefer another institution name, please separate with a comma or semicolon.

       6.    Names of fee-paying representatives—3days (15,000 yen), 1 day (10,000 yen)

If you sponsor the registration fees for your staff or guest, please indicate the number of reps and their names. Your organization name is printed on their conference badges. If reps prefer another institution name, please write the institution name as well.

       7.    Names of exhibit personnel

Display personnel are free of charge and there is no limit to the number of personnel for Presenting and Displaying Associate Members. Limited to two for Supporting and Sampler Members. Display personnel may not attend presentations.