Why should I become an Associate Member?

All Associate Members have access to the members of JALT through advertising in JALT publications, displays at our annual conference, regional and SIG conferences, local and chapter conferences as well as other sponsorship opportunities. AMs enjoy a 30% on all advertising. They have input into the organization through the Business Manager.

Why is JALT good for AMs?

JALT is an organization of about 2,700 language professionals in all areas of education and training in Japan (and abroad). World-class research and practical teaching publications enjoy world-wide distribution. Roughly speaking, about two thirds of JALT members are university level educators, a little over half are male, about one quarter have Japanese family names. About half attend our Annual Conference, along with another 500 non-members.

How much does it cost?

Membership ranges between 80,000 and 120,000 yen a year for Associate Members. We also have a special deal called "AM Sampler (130,000 yen)" for first timers. This package includes annual membership and a conference display booth in the referenced year. The vast majority of our sponsors are Associate Members, so we will use that name to apply to both categories in the questions below.

Why do organizations become Associate Members?

Associate Members (AMs) are more than just sponsors. Besides access to JALT member information, reduced advertising prices and access to display space at our annual conference (in the Educational Materials Exhibition, or EME), JALT AMs are part of our decision-making process. AMs help with organization of events and bringing in speakers from abroad. Many of JALT’s innovations were a result of discussions with AMs. AMs also help financially with event planning and execution on a regular basis and through their dues and advertising.

I want to advertise in a JALT publication. How much? What is the process?

JALT has many national publications. Normally requests are sent in about 2 months previous to publication to the Central Office. For advertising prices, Application Forms, and other information please visit the advertising page.

Can my company become an Associate Member if it is outside Japan?

About 25% of our Associate Members are based abroad.

Advertising in JALT Publications

Can I advertise without becoming an Associate Member?

Yes. But it costs approximately 30% more than Associate Member rates. If you advertise 3 times in a year, you are probably better off becoming a member.

How do I reserve advertising space in JALT publications?

See the advertising page for details. You can get a big discount by making an annual advertising contract with us. Get multiple ads for a reduced price.

Where can I advertise?

See the JALT Publications page for examples, but the advertising page has the specifics.

Exhibiting at JALT Conferences

Can I exhibit without becoming an Associate Member (AM)?

No. Only Associate Members can reserve booth space in the EME (Educational Materials Exhibition). NPOs, Affiliates, SIGs and other organizations have their own exhibition area.

I am a small business that wants to display at the conference (in the EME). Can I get a special deal?

Currently only AMs can exhibit in the EME.

When can I make a booth reservation?

Check the JALT website for updates on this topic.

How big and how much are booths?

Normal prices for a 2x2 meter booth with a table, chair, and electricity start at about 95,000 yen. Additional 2x2meter spaces attached are about 32,000 yen each. Enclosures, wall panels, tables, and chairs are available for a small fee.

Where is the EME each year?

We try to put the EME into a large room with a flat floor. In a commercial site like Granship at Shizuoka or WINC Aichi at Nagoya, this is a huge area that allows us ample aisle space. Some years we have conferences at universities, and while we try to put the EME in a large room there, check carefully before reserving.

Do I have to pay extra for my staff at the conference?

Display personnel are free of charge and there is no limit to the number of personnel for Presenting and Displaying Associate Members. (Limited to two (2) for Sampler Member). Presenting, Displaying, and Sampler Associate Membership includes two (2) free entries for full (3 days) conference registration.

Other Sponsoring Opportunities

How else can I help?

Both at our Annual Conference and during the rest of the year, there are opportunities to support JALT with financing for events, conference bags, speakers and travel stipends. We appreciate any new ideas in this area.


I need more help.

The Business Manager will be happy to help you. If your question is in Japanese (or in English), please contact our central office.

What does the Business Manager do?

The Business Manager takes care of the AM interests within JALT and serves as a conduit of information between AMs and JALT. She/he sets AM policy each year with an eye on serving the needs of the AMs and JALT.