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JALT2019 EME Booth Requirement/ JALT2019 教材展示会ブースに関するアンケート (sent April 22, 2019)

Dear Associate Members,                        【英文の後に日本語が続きます】
We hope this email finds you very well. The following message is to inform you about the important survey regarding the JALT2019 EME booth allocation.
JALT2019 will be held November 1-4 in Nagoya at WINC Aichi (The Educational Materials Exhibition (EME) will be held November 2 & 3).

JALT: New Advertising Prices for 2019-2020 Now Available (English/日本語)(sent April 3, 2019)

Dear Associate Members, JALT would like to inform you that our advertising price list for 2019-2020 is now available on our website. The rates and procedures are the same as last year. Website page: