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JALT2020 Updates and Invitation for the Next Online Meeting/ JALT2020最新情報と次回オンラインミーティングへのお誘い(sent 7/7/2020)

Dear Associate Members,  (日本語は英語の後に続きます)

Thank you very much for your ongoing support of JALT as always. The online AM meeting on June 26 was very helpful, and we hope that the attached minutes reflect the fruitful discussions we had.


Invitation for the next online AM meeting

JALT2020 International Conference Update, AM Meeting on June 26 JALT2020年次国際大会およびAMミーティングに関するお知らせ (sent June 02, 2020)

Dear Associate Members, 日本語のお知らせが後に続きます