Advertising Guide

Please use the Advertising Reservation Form for all JALT Publications. (The Language Teacher, JALT Journal, website banner advert, and conference handbook) Submit one form for each issue of each publication.

Online reservation form is available here.

Send data in Illustrator format (any version) with fonts outlined directly to Pukeko Graphics. Colour adverts must be CMYK (not RGB). For other formats (including camera-ready copy or other file types) contact Pukeko Graphics WELL BEFORE the deadline. Please label each ad with publication and month intended. Also include either a PDF copy or a printed copy for checking.

Pukeko Graphics Attn: Malcolm Swanson Email:

The following guidelines should be followed when designing ads. Ads that do not conform to these guidelines may delay publication.

1. Ads may not use the same or similar, formats as articles, feature interviews or columns.

2. Ads which are mainly text must be designated with “Advertisement” in bold, large letters at the top of the page.

3. Ads must bear the company logo, name, and contact information. All invoices will be sent to advertisers from the JALT Central Office immediately after the advertising spaces are confirmed by JALT and advertiser. Please settle your payment within 30 days of receiving the invoices.

If you order multiple ad spaces and wish to pay by advertisement, please check in the form so that we will send each invoice before the issuing month. Advertisement data that requires further work (damaged or corrupted files, missing linked files, wrong sizing, etc) will be charged for. Pukeko Graphics will contact you in advance before making any changes.

JALT requests all payments be made in yen and sent directly to our bank account (Please note that JALT is unable to accept checks for any payments).

Any inquiries concerning invoicing should be made to the JALT Central Office. The deadlines for submitting advertisement data are the 25th of the second month before the ad is due to appear. For example, for ads appearing in the May issue of the TLT, 1) send the advertising reservation form to the JALT Central Office by March 15, 2) send advertisement data to Pukeko Graphics with a photocopy of the advertisement to the JALT Central Office by March 25. However, the deadlines for the conference publications are different. Please check the information here. JALT Central Office Email