Welcome To Kitakyushu JALT

Welcome to the Kitakyushu chapter of JALT - the Japan Association for Language Teaching.

Our Schedule

As of October 2021, a decision has been made to place meetings on hiatus until further notice. Once coronavirus-related restrictions have been lifted and we can have face to face meetings again, we will restart regular meetings. Thank you for your understanding.

Details of our upcoming presentations will be available on our programme page. Find out what you can look forward to during the year and arrange your schedule accordingly.

Other Events

Meeting Information

Meetings are generally held on the second Saturday of the month. The presentations start at 7:00 p.m., but the doors are open 15 minutes or so earlier. Meetings usually run until 8:30 p.m., or a little earlier.

All welcome, admittance for regular meetings is free for JALT members, 1000 yen for one-day members. Please note that this is subject to change in the case of special events. In the event of any changes, the admittance fees will be listed on this site.

Visit the JALT Events calendar for nationwide meeting and events listings.

Meeting Location

Meetings will take place at the 小倉TMビル (Teramoto Building) in Nishikokura, a short (5 min) walk from Nishikokura Station. A map is available here. Any changes in the location for particular meetings will be noted in the meeting announcement.

Contact Us

You can contact us via the main JALT site.