Getting to Kitakyushu JALT meetings

Our regular meetings take place at the 小倉TMビル (Teramoto Building) in Nishikokura, a short (5 min) walk from Nishikokura Station. The address is 北九州市小倉北区室町2丁目11-4 TMビル3F, we are on the 3rd floor. Look for an Indian restaurant on the ground (first) floor of the building.
Whatthreewords: gliders.unrealistic.highways.

Our meeting venue seen from the street - looking towards downtown Kokura
The entrance to the venue
Take the stairs to the 3rd floor
Meetings are in the room at the end of the corridor - the white door

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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You can contact us via the main JALT site.