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The LLL SIG Newsletter

Volume 14, Issue 1 [May, 2018]


A growing number of adults of all ages are engaged in second language study. The Lifelong Language Learning Special Interest Group (LLL SIG) invites those teaching languages to young, middle-aged, and older adults to share information through our website and newsletter, at various SIG conferences and events, and at the JALT National Conference.

Table of Contents

  • Coordinator's message
    Tadashi Ishida

  • Articles

  • Never Too Late: The Benefits of Learning a New Language Later in Life
    Alison Chan

  • My Beliefs and Reflection on Language Learning and Teaching
    Kyoko Gruendel - Kanda University of International Studies

  • Milestones of a Life in Teaching
    Michihiro Hirai

  • Milestones of a Life in Teaching
    Shinobu Nakamura - Musashi University

  • Tasks for Fostering Student Interest in World News
    Kathleen Yamane - Nara University

  • SIG News

  • The LLL-SIG's Mini Conference: Drama, Story-telling, and So Much More
    Joseph Dias - Program Chair

  • Call for Submissions for the SIG Newsletter
    Rie Wakui - Publication Chair

  • Officers and Contacts
    SIG Coordinator: Tadashi Ishida - papion1646@yahoo.co.jp
    Membership Chair: Kathleen Yamane
    Treasurer: Peter Ross
    Program Chair: Joseph Dias
    Publications: Rie Wakui
    * Please feel free to contact us!
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