Communicative assessment in a personal curriculum
at Kanda University of International Studies

Appendix 1: KEPT writing descriptor bands

Overall essay structure competence Paragraph structure competence Vocabulary Grammatical accuracy Content
0 No evidence of intro, conclusion, or thesis statement apparent without using liberal amounts of imagination No apparent knowledge of paragraph structure; may be a list of unconnected sentences Demonstrates knowledge of only a few words in English Shows faulty knowledge of even the simplest grammatical constructions Lack of ideas. No coherent content, just phrases strung together
1 Uses only a one-sentence or otherwise inadequate intro and conclusion; does not use appropriate transitions; no clear thesis statement Communicates ideas by using sentences which are conceptually linked, but not in clear paragraph form Uses only very common, simple vocabulary, barely sufficient for the task Uses only the simplest grammar correctly, makes errors which affect the intelligibility of ideas, so the task is not adequately completed May be more than a few sentences, but has few ideas expressed in quite limited form, and without the power to convince a reader
2 Some evidence of an attempt to use intro-body-conclusion structure, but it is not effective; may not use essay-level transitions Displays some basic knowledge of paragraph structure, (e.g. topic orientation, idea-examples, etc.) but does not do it well enough Generally uses appropriate words for the task, but shows no special knowledge of vocabulary Seems to have enough grammar to complete the task, may make many errors but the ideas are still understandable The essay contains some ideas which are supported somewhat logically, but which may not be convincing
3 Uses intro-body-conclusion structure, but may not be perfectly executed; definitely uses essay-level transitions Shows knowledge of paragraph structure and sentence-level transitions, accomplishes the task but may still have some areas which need improvement Uses above-average vocabulary, but sometimes without complete control Some errors may still be present, but displays good control of word-level grammar and morphosyntax The ideas are expressed relatively effectively; somewhat convincing
4 Uses intro-body-conclusion structure very effectively; uses appropriate transitions to organize essay; shows complete control over the organizational and writing task Writes well-structured paragraphs which include a clear focus, support for ideas, analysis, and appropriate sentence-level transitions Uses varied, appropriate vocabulary; displays evidence of complex lexical knowledge Displays excellent control of sentence-level and word-level grammar and morphosyntax; few errors The essay contains ideas which are expressed creatively and effectively; convincing arguments are presented

The criterion level for this test is generally a score of 2 on the above categories. This means the examinee has done an acceptable job on that category. If you have insufficient information, then you should not give that person a 2 or above; If a student did not write enough for you to reliably assign a score for a category, assign them U as a score. It will give them a 0 as a score but will contribute to the reliability research on scores and scales that we are pursuing.

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