2003 JALT Pan-SIG Conference Proceedings

Gender variation in explicitness of proffering compliments
by Rieko Matsuoka

Appendix: Form A Questionnaire

The following questionnaire is concerned with ways of expressing admiration (compliments). Given the situation and the person involved, how would you express your admiration? Assume that in all the situations you are impressed by or admire the person or act that is described.


1) Please read the following sixteen situations in the questionnaire.
2) Select from the Response Scale the single response that most closely describes the way 
   you would express your admiration with each of four target people: 
	 a) Your father
	 b) Your mother
	 c) A male acquaintance* (of your age)
	 d) A female acquaintance (of your age)

3) Write your answer on the separate Answer Sheet.
   A separate page with the Response Scale and the Answer Sheet has been inserted following this page. 
   Please read the Response Scale completely before answering the questions. 
   There are four answers required for each question; one for each target person.

4) Please indicate how you would respond, not how you think you should.
* Acquaintance = someone you recognize; that you greet when meeting; have talked with occasionally in more or less superficial way.
(Adapted from Araki, 1982, p.165, with typing errors corrected.)

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Sample Question and Answers

Example: a) Your father            |   gives a good presentation 
         b) Your mother            |   at a meeting and you are 
         c) A male acquaintance    |   very impressed. How would you 
         d) A female acquaintance  |   express your admiration to that person?
Note: For each situation, please answer each of the four target people. 

Your answer might be:


                     a            b             c               d
   Theme          Father      Mother      Male Acquaint.    Female Acquaint
good-presentation    A           B             C-1             C-2
(Adapted from Araki, 1982, p.166, with typing errors corrected.)

Response Scale for Form A

Age (           )         Sex: M, F  /      Nationality (                    )
Have you lived abroad?           yes               no
If yes, in which countries have you lived?
For how long?

No.  Themes               a.           b.             c.                  d.
                       Father       Mother      Male-Acquaintance    Female-Acquaintance
 1. new suit
 2. style of car
 3. athletic ability
 4. helping people
 5. attractive sweater
 6. handsome watch
 7. musical talent
 8. thoughtfulness
 9. hairstyle
10. taste in music
11. clear explanation
12. poise & intelligence
13. attractive sunglasses
14. taste in ceramics
15. promptness
16. assisting people
(Adapted from Araki, 1982, p.167, with typing errors corrected.)

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