2003 JALT Pan-SIG Conference Proceedings
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* Introduction
*by T Newfields, Sayoko Yamashita, Anne Howard, & Carol Rinnert

Part I: Pragmatics
* Promoting fluency in EFL classrooms
* by James Dean Brown

* Developing fluency through questioning strategies
* by Jonathan Alipogna

* Is appropriate appropriate? An investigation of interpersonal semantic stability
* by H.P.L. Molloy

* Advice giving and personality traits of Japanese university students: A pilot study
* by Mika Shimura

* Gender variation in explicitness of proffering compliments
* by Rieko Matsuoka

* Transcription approaches to multilingual discourse analysis
* by Tim Greer

Part II: Testing
* Oral proficiency assessment: Dialogue test and multilogue test
* by Yuji Nakamura

* Testing communicative competence using mobile phone digital photos
* by Steven E. Quasha

* The role of the TOEIC in a major Japanese company
* by Mark Chapman

* An approach to the validation of judgments in language testing
* by Gholamreza Hajipournezhad

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