Using the 'Poster Session' Format in L2 Contexts

Appendix 4:

Example of 'Short Overview' activity and requirements

The 'Short Overview' assignment can be required before or after the actual poster session presentation. It can act as an additional assessment item, and can give more 'value for effort' but into research. Required before the session it can also confirm for the teacher that the students are 'on task'. Simply, too, some students are better writers than presenters. Also it is commonplace for real poster sessions to include a 'take away' handout, though this is not necessarily a requirement. It must be stressed that the Overview is not to be read or even used during the session. Basic requirements I have used are:
The sample below was distributed and explained to students. In the 'background' students are expected to introduce and define their general focus, here 'stereotyping', and then deal with their specific focus, animation images such as Pokemon. The 'why' section explains the choice and if relevant refers directly to classroom activities. A works cited rounds off the polished presentation.

Kris Bayne

Stereotyping: Pokemon Jynx #124


The issue of stereotyping is perhaps the 'mildest' form of racism or discrimination. Stereotyping is the application of certain traits and behaviours, sometimes physical, sometimes behavioural, sometimes cultural. According to one definition "Stereotypes are those overgeneralised and oversimplified beliefs we use to categorize a group of people . . . Stereotypes may be based on the truth, but they are exaggerated statement regarding our belief about what a group of people are or should be" (Chen and Starosta, 39). We can hold these beliefs quite innocently. Also, while some stereotypes of a group might be favourable or at least not unfavourable, such as, "Japanese are polite", many are negative and offensive.

Pokemon is a worldwide favourite with children. Of the 150 Pocket Monsters there are very few that look human at all. One that does is Jynx (#124). Jynx has many stereotypical features that are offensive to people of African descent. Some of Jynx's physical features include black skin, large pink lips, wide-open eyes: all these being very offensive and 'traditional' stereotypes applied to people of African descent, either from Africa or African-Americans, for example.

Why I Chose This Example

I chose this topic because the drawing activity provided some interesting examples from the class, and the 'Mr. Wong' activity showed how such stereotypes can be misused for humour. I also have children who used to watch Pokemon. Unfortunately, it is in children's stories and videos (such as Disney movies) that we can still find such stereotypes of certain groups. "Little Black Sambo" was an infamous example which has now been 'removed', however many more instances exist. As adults we must examine our own stereotypes and think carefully before we unwittingly pass them on to the next generation.

Works Cited

Chen, G. H. & Starosta, W. (1998). Foundations of Intercultural Communication. Boston.: Allyn & Bacon.

Weatherford, C. B. (2000). Japan's bigoted export to kids. Retrieved 11 May 2002 from

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