Second Language Acquisition - Theory and Pedagogy:
Proceedings of the 6th Annual JALT Pan-SIG Conference


Change-of-state token a in Japanese language proficiency interviews, The
Correlations between Japanese high school students' language learning beliefs,
self-reported attitudes towards group dynamics, and performance
in two in-house EFL tests

Criterion-referenced test administration designs and analyses
Evidence-based education: Benefits and challenges
Learning more than English as a foreign language:
Are textbook designs fit for OLE classrooms?

MEXT-authorized English textbooks:
Designing a junior high school text series

MEXT-authorized English textbooks:
The writing and screening of a Japanese high school text series

Rasch & quality control: Controlling data, forgetting quality?
Rasch-based analysis of an in-house English placement test, A
Rasch-based evaluation of the presence of item bias in a placement examination designed for an EFL reading program, A

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