Divergence and Convergence, Educating with Integrity: Proceedings of the 7th Annual JALT Pan-SIG Conference.
May. 10 - 11, 2008. Kyoto, Japan: Doshisha University Shinmachi Campus. (pp. 60 - 72)

Incorporating art into language education

Appendix A:
Two sets of written feedback from students in Class 1
during the beginning, middle and the end of the course

Student: C5

May 2006


June 2006

Jone's thought are childlike.
I am surprised her saying.
Because step brother is unusual.
This story is funny.

July 2006

After Bill and Fred woke up early morning, they ate the same bread with birds. Then they went fishing in the river as they planned at once. Since Bill was good at fishing, he proposed doing the same to his friend. But Fred didn't get anything. Because he hasn't been fishing before.

They came back to the trailer after they had finished fishing. Then they broiled and they shared their food. They ate fish they had fished. Fred got nothing, but he ate Bill's.

Since T thought imagined the day was very fine day, they went to camp, I painted the sky blue. And I painted the trailer little primary color in order to represent seem to America.

Bill's father lend trailer to his son so I felt that he is ever so I felt how nice of his father to do that he is ever so nice! Then I'm amused at the idea that small pieces of bread on the roof of the trailer at the night. And I felt Fred is so clever. However if I were him, I would take an alarm clock in the camp. I thought there was no cellular phone when this story had been written. Because it must have functions as an alarm clock.

Finally, I thought that Bill and Fred are very good friends traveling together. I painted their clothes and bedspreads with the same color. Because I wanted to represent their friend relationship. I wanted to emphasize that no matter how they are different from color of hair and skin, they can be friends.

Student: C1

April, 2006

June, 2006

I thought that Mrs. Herman is malice a little, Maybe. She was disappoint to Alice. Alice was very popularity in her hospital. Mrs. Herman is old woman. I thought that Mrs. Herman want speaking friends.
July, 2006

The reason why I chose this story is that it is funny. Children often confuse dreams with real world. Because Teddy was only six years old boy, he would probably have confused dreams with real world. He did not say jokes. He honestly believed that his mother had seen the same dream as Teddy's.

I thought that Teddy wanted to go to the zoo with his mother. That's why he dreamed about the zoo. His dreams had to be happy. I imagined his happy dream like the following.

Teddy saw lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkeys and rabbits with his mother. Then he took pictures of those animals. He ate lunch which his mother fixed. And then he fed animals with carrots and cabbages. (These are animals' food.) At last he made friends with those animals. Perhaps he had never been happier, so he was confused with his dream and real world. This dream was too memorable for Teddy.

I colored Teddy's dream's background sky-blue in this text book, because I wanted to represent his memorable dream. In the same way, I also his mother's clothes purple in his dream, because I wanted to represent how she dressed up. Yellow and red's clothes was the casual clothes for her.

At the end of this story, Teddy's mother smiled "Yes, Teddy." She said. "So I think that I will go to the zoo with you!"

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