Divergence and Convergence, Educating with Integrity: Proceedings of the 7th Annual JALT Pan-SIG Conference.
May. 10 - 11, 2008. Kyoto, Japan: Doshisha University Shinmachi Campus. (pp. 60 - 72)

Incorporating art into language education

Appendix C:
Reactions by students in Class 3 to an April 2007 article about a gunman killing 32 students at Virginia Tech before committing suicide

May, 2007

Student: CL4

I wish peace! There are many people in all over the world. They have different word, skin color, religion, and nationality. But, we are same person. Every lifes are very very important. I think every lifes ever lose. I hope no racial discrimination in all over the world. I wish live together in friendship everyone.

Student: CL 7

This title is Òimportant to communicationÓ. I think the gunman was lacking to communicate with surrounding. He had must communicate with his family, friends, and girl friend and others. And it couldn't happen like this affair. I think he pile up alone stress or complaintÉand more. He needs someone to talk to.

Student: CL6

uLove and peacev This collage is the image of love. Because I think everyone need love for life. We have all kinds of love. For example, family, brother, sister, friend and lover. Love is all in all to everyone. So, we love other people, can make world peace.

Student: CL5

This time, it was occured affair in Virginia Thec. It was due to the gun who Virginia Thec's student. How would we provision this affair? It is gun of society in America. My idia is to maintenance of security. For example, it maintenance where school gate or building gate. If someone enter to school gate with his gun, it will be to respond security. It is closed door in the interior of the campus or building. There narrow to run away.

Student: CL8

First of all, when I watched this news on TV, I felt sad so mach. Now, I don't believe this incidents. I want to explain this images. The back image is the criminals feelings. I think his feeling goes to ruin. He couldn't see the reality only his small view. He closed his heart to friends and family, the solitude was binded him. So, this incident was happened. But, the bereaved family remains a lot of sorrow remained heart for them is nothing. I wish this incident never happened.

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