Letters for Peace

Appendix 1:
Sample Student Letters

Sample 1
Dear Mr. Bush,

I think war with Iraq is wrong. Because war brings death for some people. It's sad! So, if you talk about weapons of mass destruction you ought to throw your weapons away. If you want to kill Saddam Hussein you ought to kill only he. But if you want to war you must resign the president. I hope you have good sense.

Shintaro Iino

Sample 2
Dear President George Bush,

I am writing to express my opinions about war with Iraq. I think that you, the U.S. should not attack Iraq. I think you seem to want to make war against Iraq. Misery and sorrow follow war. Going to war is a last resource of diplomatic solution. This is not the right time to decide to make war. There must be some other peaceful means left. Or, do you think that war is the best way to solve the problems? War is atrocious, barbarous and bloodthirsty. A lot of women, children, and old people who are innocent will be killed and injured by you, the U.S. You will hurt many people. Nevertheless, are you going to attack Iraq? If you were to win the war, and Iraq should obey the U.S., there should be nothing good. War can't leave nothing good, but many deep scars on people all over the world. So, please stop going to war against Iraq. Please wish all people's peace.

Yui Kurosaki

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