2nd Peace as a Global Language Conference
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And i dance slowly: The AIDS poem   (Winslow)

Ethical issues in language learning materials for engineering students    (Cullen & Brown)

Human rights and problem solving in EFL classrooms   (Eastley)

Letters for peace   (Steele)

Manufacturing dissent: Constructive engagement in the classroom   (Sharpe)

Peace begins with me   (Kowalski)

Promoting multicultural understanding through team building   (Ali, Idris, Yunus)

Seven enviromental poems & art works   (Newfields)

Sieben Umweltgedichte und Digitalkunst von T Newfields   (Weber)

Six more reasons for peace: A selection of songs   (Cullen)

Spencer Kagan's cooperative learning structures   (Jortiz-Nakagawa)

The global refugee crisis   (Bradford-Watts)

T Newfields ni yoru 7-ten no kankyou ni kan-suru shi to e   (Saitou)

The Yoga of War   (Spiri)

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