An interview with Professor Daniel Isbell

Article appearing in Shiken 27.2 (Dec. 2023) pp. 1-5
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By Edward Schaefer1 and Jeffrey Martin2
1. Ochanomizu University
2. Momoyama Gakuin Universtiy


Daniel R. Isbell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, where he teaches courses and supervises MA and PhD students in language assessment. He serves on the the editorial boards of the journals Language Testing and TESOL Quarterly. His primary research interest is language assessment, and he has conducted research on diagnostic assessment, self-assessment, rater effects, repeated test taking and proficiency development, test equating, specific purposes language testing, and vocabulary in context. His interests also include instructed second language acquisition, ranging from L2 pronunciation to language learning apps.

Keywords: language testing, validity, validity argument, ethics, questionable research practices, feedback, diagnostic assessment

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