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TEVAL 2019-2020 Officers

Officers of the Testing & Evaluation SIG are elected for one year terms of office at the TEVAL SIG Annual General Meeting at the JALT Annual Conference. Newletter Reviewers are appointed and serve for a mutually agreed time frame.


Nathaniel Carney

Program Chair

J.W. Lake

Membership Chair

Edward Schaefer


Jeffrey Martin

Publication Chair

David Allen

Newsletter Reviewers

Aaron Hahn, Jeff Durand, Jeff Hubbell, Keita Kikuchi, Rie Koizumi, J. Lake, Ed Schaeffer, James Sick


Bill Pellowe

Officers At Large

Trevor Holster (Former Publication Chair)

Jeff Hubbell, Jonathon Trace, Bill Stoeckel, Nathaniel Carney, Steven Bohme, and Louis Lui