An interview with JD Brown

Article appearing in Shiken 20.1 (June 2016) pp. 18-20.

Author: Jeffrey Durand
Rikkyo University

James Dean ("JD") Brown specializes in second language testing, curriculum design, research methods, and connected speech at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. He has appeared a number of times at the annual JALT conference, at JALT SIG conferences, at JALT Chapter meetings, and has been writing articles for Shiken for nearly 20 years. Thus, he has had a long connection with JALT and the Testing and Evaluation SIG. This year he is collecting his writings for Shiken and putting them into a book. The Testing and Evaluation SIG is happy to announce that SIG members will receive a free copy of this book. We also encourage everyone to attend this year's JALT conference, where JD Brown will be giving a keynote address. This interview with JD Brown takes a look at his writings for Shiken, testing and English teaching in Japan, and his upcoming JALT presentation.

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