Exploring Paused Transcription to Assess L2 Listening Comprehension Utilizing Rasch Measurement

Article appearing in Shiken 23.2 (December 2019) pp. 1-18.

Allie Patterson
Nihon University School of Medicine

In-class L2 researchers often do not have large research budgets and do not have access to brain imaging technology. Access to funds and this technology is usually required to explore L2 listening processing in a meaningful way. A relatively new method developed by Field (2008) and further refined by Yeldham (2016) called paused transcription shows promise as a cheap method for testing L2 listening but has not been analyzed with an eye towards validity until now. In this study, a paused transcription listening test was developed for use in a mixed effects model (LME) study to be conducted at a future date. This instrument was administered to 37 first year Japanese students. A Rasch analysis showed that the instrument had high item and student reliability. Dependence between items was also found but is expected in this type of method and can be controlled for in future analyses.

Keywords: Listening, transcription, functor, content, EFL

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