Grit and Intrinsic Motivation for Language Learning: Instrument validation using the Rasch model

Article appearing in Shiken 23.2 (December 2019) pp. 28-42.

Michael J. Giordano
Kwansei Gakuin University

University student grit and intrinsic motivation were measured by survey to determine the viability of grit as a language learning construct in this pilot study. The instruments were analyzed using the Rasch model in Winsteps (version 4.0) for construct validity, person and item fit, and unidimensionality. Logit scores were used in a correlation analysis to determine the relationship between grit, intrinsic motivation, and autonomous language learning dependent variables. The sample-dependent results suggest that the grit and intrinsic motivation instruments are unidimensional. Additionally, they are moderately correlated (r =.40) but not significantly related to autonomous language learning measurements. However, small sample size and poor person reliability limit the generalizability of the results. Person reliability and item targeting of the two constructs are discussed and disattenuated correlations are used to suggest avenues for future research.

Keywords: Rasch model, instrument validation, grit, motivation

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