What you get:

  • JALT ER SIG members receive two issues of our publication Extensive Reading in Japan (ERJ), regular e-newsletters, and discounted admission to the annual Extensive Reading Seminar. Additionally, ERJs are usually sent with special free samples of Graded Readers.

What you pay:

  • If you are a member of JALT, you can join the ER SIG. As a member, you will receive our ERJs and the seminar discount. 

How to join:

  • Join online or via post as noted below, or at a JALT event with an ER officer present. You may also contact the ER SIG Membership Chair directly for information or assistance at


  • Please be aware that SIG memberships expire when your JALT membership expires if your JALT membership term is shorter than the SIG membership. See below for details on joining JALT.

Joining JALT

What you get: Your membership in JALT has other tangible benefits besides a nice entry on your resume under "Professional Activities". You get:

  • A 6-issue subscription to The Language Teacher magazine. This includes feature articles, teaching tips and lesson plans that work, book reviews, meeting and conference announcements, and job advertisements.
  • A 2-issue subscription to the JALT Journal, containing practical and theoretical articles, as well as research reports.
  • Discounts on registration fees for the Annual JALT International Conference as well as advance conference information.
  • The chance to join ONE of JALT's Special Interest Groups (SIGs), such as the Extensive Reading SIG for free. 
  • Substantial discounts on local chapter meeting fees. Nearly all local meetings are free to JALT members.

What you pay:

  • A regular membership for someone in Japan costs 13,000 yen. Five year membership costs 52,000 yen.

Save more!

  • If you share the same address with another person who's also interested in JALT, you can both join as joint members for only 8,500 yen each.

Save even more!

  • Why not receive the same benefits, yet save even more money? You can if you get at least four other people to join with you. Group memberships (five people or more) are 6,500 yen for each person.

How you join: There are three easy ways to join.

  • One is to come to a JALT meeting and join on that day. But why wait?
  • The faster way is to join online by credit card payment.
  • If neither of these methods are suitable, contact a chapter membership chair to request a membership application and postal money order form. You can bring the postal money order form to any Japanese post office.

Joining at meetings

  • When and where are the meetings near you? Check out the chapter contact people
  • For more information on other chapters and for N-SIGs, see the national listing of chapters and N-SIG homepages.
If you're outside Japan, then contact the JALT Central Office directly, but note that the fees above are different for overseas subscriptions:

JALT Central Office

Urban Edge Building 5F 1-37-9 Taito,

Taito-ku Tokyo 110

JAPAN Tel: 03-3837-1630 Fax: 03-3837-1631 (Japan Access Code is 81)